Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tag from Kak Iza n Kak Ria..

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

ok, here goes...

1. people call me atie..i missed when people call me as blackmoon and yiko..its about a long2 time, im stick with name atieabid..anything that need me to register,i'll just pick my nick as atieabid..easy to remember..i dont like to use any nickname that no relate with me again..

2. Love to play bowling..

3. i dono how many times i got changed my cellphone number..hahaha..

4. i always exchanged my hp..but just only 1 that i bought with my own salary..haha..the rest i got free from my lovely sister..haha..

5. Love window shopping..haha..sometimes just hang out with my buddies..not really shopping..just jalan2 carik makan..menghabiskan loan..hahaha..

6. Love blue color, but i dont have any blue t-shirt to wear..haha..most my shirts are pink..ehmmm..i wonder i look girly when im wearing pink shirt..??with pink scarf??haish...pinko pinky..

7. im not gamerz person..dulo2 RO with my lovely kak iza..n after i came back from KL, i never play any games anymore..but now, hahaha..i falling in love with ikariam online game..just simple game..jaga bandar.. ^_^

8. i cannot live without internet..haish..mcm mo mati ja rasa...

9. i bought my 1st laptop with my ptptn loan..hahaha..n my desktop was sent back to kampung..

10. Love blogging..just filling my free time..even if im not free actually..haha..curi2 masa..and i like to read other people blogs..

11. the time i borrowed my sister's car, i bumped other car's behind so scared to tell my sister..hoho..i thought she must be angry..but as she knew it, she just laughing...hahah..thanks God..after that, drive carefully lol..

12. Love to singing..just in myroom or in toilet with my sumbang voice..aha..because my vocal is lari pitching..very dangerous if other people hear it....bisa pengsan tauk..

13. in IP, i dont have many frens..i just got wan n mel to accompany my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner n my supper..hhaaha..and i really missed my fren at KL..huhuh

14. Love to collect computer's stuff..

15. Love to read novel..favourite novel is terbitan Alaf 21..but my bad habit is i will finished 1 novel for 2 weeks..even though the novel is the thin 1..haha..

16. Do assignment last minute..and then got headache..padan muka..

17. Always stay nite at campus for group discussion..

18. i love my younger sister very much...she is my best fren, she is my bestie..i love her..and i always count her to be there when things are good, bad or horrible..

19. Love to save best quote in my draft message..

20. Love to chat with Kebayan..he is always give a good idea and nice advice when i hv problem..he had married on last, i dont think i can hve chit chat with him again..huhu..

21. Love to travel..but dont have money..haha..punya kasian..

22. i never like teh tarik before...but when i drink it for the 1st time, i realize that how stupid i am for the long time..haha..sadap oo..lain kalo leh order lagi..

23. when i 17th years old, i have thought before to be married at the age of 25...but now i am 26 years old....haiyaaa...but still in 'bangku sekolah' menuntut ilmu..haha

24. i wish i can fly..can meh..??

25. Love to take photo..anytime anywhere..

p/s..hahaha.. grammar hancus... sorry, its not enuf to tag 25 people..

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