Thursday, November 20, 2008

How To Cheer Yourself Up When You're Down

R u feel dumped? r u feel stress.?? r u feel down..??ok.. nie ada cara camana nak cheer urself..orang kata kalo tak banyak, sikit pun jadi lah untuk membantu dapatkan balik keceriaan hidup..

Put on your favourite music, turn it up loud and dance! This is guaranteed to make you feel good. If you are unable to dance, don't let that stop you having fun - sing at the top of your voice instead.

Force yourself to smile even if you don't feel like it. This tricks your brain into thinking that you are happy. You do want to be happy don't you? Okay then - a great big cheesy grin. After three, one, two, three, - smile :0)

#Reward yourself.
If there is a job that you hate to do, household accounts, home repairs etc. don't keep putting it off so that it is constantly nagging at you. Just get it done. Then reward yourself with whatever you love, a shiny new magazine, a new myvi, a pair of adidas shoes, two bars of chocolate or an evening in front of the tv doing absolutely nothing. Or even all of the above if you can afford it. The peace of mind that comes from having got the job done will be the greatest reward of all.

#Take action.
If something is worrying you, be it a health problem, or debt or divorce, make that doctor's appointment, get some debt counselling, find out your rights. The reality is often less stressful than sitting alone worrying about it. Try to talk over your problems with a friend, or if that is impossible find a support group on the Internet by typing debt, divorce or whatever into a search engine.

#Positive thoughts.
When you leave the house each morning, say and mean, I'm going to have a great day, it's going to be lots of fun, rather than thinking Oh no, another dreary day at the office to get through. The first attitude will attract good vibrations and positive fun people to you, the second will ensure a depressing day.

#Have more fun.
Apparently children laugh approximately 400 times a day yet adults laugh only about 20 times a day(but i laugh less tha 3 times a day). When do we lose our sense of fun? Claim it back. Play games, watch comedies, have daily jokes delivered to your mailbox or throw a fancy dress party.

#Make something.
Being creative gives you such a buzz you won't stay down in the dumps for long. Stencil a room, make a cake, plan a garden, sketch or paint a picture. Express yourself with a modern collage, change your rooms around, display your collections or start a patchwork quilt.

#Start a new project.
Learn a language, trace your family history, redecorate your home, learn to ride a horse, gain a new qualification, take music lessons, learn to make your own soft furnishings or do your own auto repairs. Visualize yourself successfully completing the project and the benefits it will bring to your life. Then make a start and follow it through to the end. An added bonus will be the increased self esteem that comes from having planned, problem solved and perfected the whole project yourself.

#See your old friends.
It's easy to get into a work, family, housework, shopping, sleep and back to work again routine that leaves you no time at all to be the person you once were. The funny, up for a laugh, outgoing young woman you used to be. Spending time with friends who knew the old you seems to resurrect that side of your character. You will come away feeling younger, more positive and more excited by life than you were before you met up. Go on, invite them over to share a pizza and catch up on each other's lives.

#Take the happiness option.
You have the choice whether to spend this day, which you will never live through again, in a state of happiness or unhappiness. Choose to spend it as happily as you possibly can.

p/s: Selamat mencuba...hehe..

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